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Kluang Days is a multi-dimensional cultural space in Johor.
We welcome everyone from all walks of life to share, explore, and grow here.



A gift to Kluang

Beyond the bricks


Kluang Days Honey Land

Kluang peeps would know that 54, Jalan Lambak used to be a famous kuih shop called 雪园 Honeyland Confectionery & Catering (雪園西菓飲冰室).

I remember the shop was always filled with people and sometimes tourists on the weekend. Who doesn’t like something sweet, right?
Their kuih and cakes were really delicious and one-of-a-kind.
Once in a while, my mum brought us here for afternoon tea. That was one of my happiest childhood memories because we got to look at the colourful cakes and bread and pick whichever we want.
This was literally the CAKE HEAVEN.
Our favourites were curry puffs and banana cakes.
My mum, a strict chef and pro baker herself, enjoyed and praised their kuih too. It’s usually quite hard to please her, so you know that these cakes are goooood.
Unfortunately since their closure in 2015, it’s getting harder and harder to find good nyonya kuih that meet our expectation – an expectation set unrealistically high by Honeyland.
Photos of building exterior: Honeyland Confectionery FB page

Beyond the bricks


When Honeyland Confectionery ended in 2015, we decided to take over this beautiful pre-war shop lot and give it a new life.
Part of the reason was because we love the historical marks of the building, part of it was because we want to revive it.
Good things must be preserved.
Maybe not in the form of a kuih shop, but something that connects Kluang people together, like Honeyland.
This seemed to be a crazy idea at first, because let’s face it – these buildings were built between the 1930s and 1950s. Renovation is A LOT OF WORK.
You can imagine how much effort it takes. And it goes way beyond money or time, we had to do our best to preserve the historical values.
Lucky for us, we found Tetawowe Atelier. They are the storytellers and magicians for buildings. They understand the vision and made it come to life.
The Kluang Days structure that you see today was the brainchild of Tetawowe, our mix of nostalgia and pursuit for aesthetic; and the fruit of labour and vision.
It wasn’t easy, but on hindsight, it’s all worth it.

Beyond the bricks


A building can only truly come alive through the people that use it.
When the renovation was completed, I looked at the space and thought, “My gosh, this is stunning.”
When the sun shines through the window, when the lights are on. This place is amazing.
And it became even more amazing when we began to have artists, performers, kids coming and using this space.
We can just feel the building is alive when
– artists displayed their work on the brick walls
– speakers sharing their knowledge with local people
– kids running around, playing and reading
– friends and family singing birthday songs and smiling to one another
This is the essence of Kluang Days. It’s not just an empty place with beautiful brick walls, it extends beyond the bricks.
It’s a space… for people to connect and celebrate.

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